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Al-Ma`rifat, Islamabad is a Sufi movement that follows Qadaria Rashidia order of Sufism. This order is undisputed throughout the sub continent and even in Islamic world across all sects. This order of Sufism is the one that sets examples in recent history of Taqwa(piety). This order reminds us of greatness of characters of the early Islam, that is spiritual cleanliness and purity. Following the teaching of Akabireen-e-Silsila, such as , Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Ali Lahori (RA), Hazrat Prof. Dr. Sufi Abdul Latif sahib (damat barakatuhum) is the one who is presently representing an offshoot of Qadaria Rashidia order in Islamabad. This is a public message to all and sundry that the key to the renaissance of Islam, the truth, lies in the first instance in Tazkia-e-Nafs.`

This website contains Basic Teachings that are introduced to a Seeker of Spiritual health and truth, in the Quranic Paradigm.

At the moment the content is available in Urdu language, which makes this website for Urdu Speaking-Understanding audience.

We are working fast on producing a Full English version Inshallah.

Let us benefit from your valuable comments/ suggestions/ queries , in the Comment Box below every page.

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